Lines Of Credit/Fixed Rate Loans


Business Loan, Line of Credit, Fixed Rate Loans 

We have options to fit your project needs.

We Specialize In Hard to Place Loans and Bank Turn Downs.

Nationwide Lending – No upfront Fees

*Business Loan Using Real Estate:

Real estate must be own free and clear or have a low balance 

Repayment Options and terms base on the real estate property being use, credit, and financials.

No minimal credit score! 

Business Line of Credit/Fixed Rate Loans:

Fixed Rate Loans ( You do not need to have a business to apply)

$25,000 – $300,000 range of funding

5 to 7 Year Terms
5% – 15% is the typical interest range
No pre-payment penalties  Min 680+credit score

Revolving Line Of Credit
$25,000 to $100,000 range of funding
Use as needed (revolving true cash line of credit)
Interest rates range from 7%- 13%
Min credit score 650

Our lending companies acknowledge the potential in every borrower and have a program for just about every situation.

Do yourself a favor, contact me with your loan scenario to get the financing you need for your project. Let us get you funded!