JV 100% Fix And Flips Financing

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Introducing Our JV 100%  Financing Program

Here are the guidelines on the True 100% funding program.

• 100% of Purchase

• 100% of Rehab

• 10-13% Interest (can be rolled into the loan)

• 3-4 Points (can be rolled into the loan)

• 12 month term

• No PPP

• Up to 65% ARV

• Min loan of $100,000 / Max loan of $2,000,000

• Closing Costs can be rolled into the loan

• Entity Borrowers Only

• No min Credit Score

• Previous experience preferred but NOT required

• Profit share is applicable depending on each project – Lender wants to see a profit margin of at least $30,000 to be split.

Usually 60% for client and 40% for lender can be a larger split on case by case,

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